Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're In Egypt

This is to let everyone know that we are safe-and-sound in Cairo, Egypt. We arrived about 3 hours ago and were met at the airport by our missionaries here. We picked up a wheelchair and some newborn and hygiene kits on the way from the airport to deliver tomorrow. And, we've already seen some of the problems that arise in this work--mostly, translation. Elder Lindsay asked for 66 boxes of each kits and got 6 of each from the organization where they are stored. So, we will need to return another day for the other 120 boxes. They're kept behind locked doors by the organization we ordered them for.

The Lindsays are from Minnesota originally, and moved to Utah about the same time we did. Sister Lindsay has never been out of the US, so this is an experience of a lifetime for them both. They've already made friends here in the Embassey and with the local people. The nicest part of our trip is seeing them in action. They're doing a great job monitoring the humanitarian work here. They also have our three day visit all booked up -- activities with the members (tonight we're taking a boat ride down the Nile with the Branch members), going to meet the organization heads they work with, Saturday to the Lepard colony, and Sunday they plan for us to take a camel ride to the Sphinx. They wanted us to enjoy the culture while we're here, which is great for us. We may never return.

Friday is the Muslim Sabbath here in Egypt and the church honors that, so we will be going to church tomorrow. We really look forward to meeting with their small branch and feeling their spirit and unity.


Mom and Dad-Joe and Dee

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