Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuzla, Bosnia/Herz. Wheelchair Distribution

After five months and three visits to Tuzla, Bosnia i Herzegovina to develop and coordinate a wheelchair project, we finally had the blessing of seeing tears of joy on the faces of those who received wheelchairs--and their caregivers. We have often felt the Lord's direction as we've worked with Jedranka and Tanja, director and assistant of the Tuzla Red Cross, while developing this project. War, abandoned landmines, childhood diseases and poor health care have left many people in the region with wheelchair needs. Because of the faithful contributions of LDS members and nonmembers, 250 people received the blessing of better mobility, while their caregivers feel some of the daily burdens literally lifted from their shoulders.

With a new wheelchair, this father will be able to transport his 12 year old son more easily.

We know that we are only the organizers of this project. It could never come to fruition without the willing contributions of caring individuals. We thank you all for your love and service to those in need. We have learned to love the people of Bosnia i Herzegovina, and feel gratitude in our hearts for these wonderful children of God and the opportunity to serve them.

Pres. Hill of the Slovenis/Croatia Mission speak to media and guests.

Twin sisters receive twin wheelchairs. FUN!!!

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