Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 Humanitarian Conference--Tirana, Albania

Salute...from Albania.

A walk through the market place.

In a Roma school children sang and danced a traditional Gypsy dance for us.

Roma boys show off their growing muscles.

Elder & Sister Snow have developed two successful projects with the Roma/Gypsy school, where orphaned and abandoned children are taught the Albanian language and how to live in society. Without schools like this, Roma children cannot go to public school, and lose the opportunity for future employment and education.
Attended more meetings.....

We visited one of Elder & Sister Snows projects at the Tirana Home For the Elderly.
We spent time in meetings with our supervisor, John Mulligan, the Area Welfare Manager.
The Europe Area Humanitarian couples--Left to Right:
E/S Schmoe, E/S Densley, E/S Funkhauser (PA), E/S Durrance, E/S Edwards,
E/S Snow, Sister Wilde, and E/S Hinson

In previous years the Humanitarian Conferences were held in Frankfurt, but we decided this year to hold it in Tirana, Albania. Our humanitarian couples came from Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Albania. The reason for the conference is to allow the couples to share ideas, talk about the problems and successes they experience in their related countries, receive direction from the Area Office, share a common experience with each other as a humanitarian team, learn from each other, and get to know each other. It was great to visit with them all and to see their bound as a Europe Area humanitarian team grow.

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