Monday, June 30, 2008

Durrance Newsletter from Frankfort, Germany

We had the opportunity to meet again with President Glen L. Rudd, formerly the Mission President of the Florida Mission. President Rudd had interviewed us 41 years ago for our temple recommends when we married in 1967. Months later, he called Joe as the Branch President in Cross City, Florida (1967-68). President Rudd has served in the Welfare Program of the Church since its earliest days during the Great Depression. He was asked by the First Presidency to write the history of the Church Welfare Program, which has become the hallmark of the Program. His book is entitled, Pure Religion. A small pamphlet by the same name is distributed throughout the Church to inform members and non-LDS members of this inspired program.

Before leaving for Frankfurt, we had the opportunity to visit with President Rudd once more at a luncheon for the Welfare-missionary couples as we prepared to leave for our assigned destinations. Elder Rudd reminded us in a talk that the Lord’s Work will move forward to every nation of the world, and that the Welfare/Humanitarian efforts of its members will open doors to nations we could enter no other way. Standing with President Rudd is Brother Walker, administrator of the Church’s Vision Initiatives. At present, we have Vision Programs in many third-world nations. We are presently sponsoring one in our Area in Lebanon. Through this program the Church is able to send physicians into under-developed nations for eye exams, surgeries, taking technology where none exist.

Though the Middle-East nations; Lebanon, Jordon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt will formally fall under Salt Lake City’s immediate direction, the humanitarian work for these nations may remain under us here in Frankfurt. That is still yet to be decided. We should know by the end of the year.
This week we ordered another $500,000 in goods to be sent to Myanmar to aid in their relief efforts there. This is in addition to the 150,000 lbs. of goods already sent in conjunction with UPS Charities in Apr/May.

Can you tell that we are sooooooooo excited about this work? The best part of being located where we are is that we get to see so much of what is going on throughout Europe and parts of the Middle-East.

These boxes are ready to send out to countries throughout the world. When we visited Welfare Square in Salt Lake City, there were about 2000 square feet of goods, stacked and ready to be ship to the World, including the United States.

Donated clothes waiting to be sent throughout the world. Employees from all over the world, many refugees from endangered nations, help sort through clothes and other items for shipment.

Flags hang on the walls at Welfare Square, showing the nations that are represented by employees.

Joe plays with puppets from the Health Fair Kits sent to Third-World nations. These kits are used to help children, and their parents, understand the harmful effects of smoking, alchole, and drug use, as well as the benefits of healthy foods and hiegiene.

Joe and I have a wheelchair race at the Missionary Training Center.

More will be added later!

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Papa & grandma dee! i miss ya'll! I hope you guys are having fun! love ya!