Monday, June 2, 2008

While at the MTC

We wanted to send you all a quick note and share the joy we feel at this time. This past week at the Missionary Training Center has probably been one of the most spiritual weeks of our lives--full of scriptures and love for the Savior and His children. There are no words to express the peace we have felt here.
Today, we visited the Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square in Salt Lake City. What a beautiful program. It is hard to express the emotions you feel as you see refugees from different countries working to provide goods and food for people around the world. Utah ranks 5th in refugees, and these centers provide employment for them and a chance for an education, while also using their labor to prepare goods for shipment to 3rd world countries. One young man from Sudan told us today that he felt so much joy in knowing that as he works here in the Center he is also providing goods for his friends and family back home.
At present we have water projects planned in Syria and Lebanon. We are just waiting for US approval to begin. These two projects alone will provide water for more than 100,000 people. It takes my breathe away to see what we are doing. Right now we are working on a project with Catholic Charities providing food and clothing to China, after the earthquake. And we have many projects waiting for us in Gerymany to get into action. You can guess that we can't hardly wait to get to our desks in Frankfurt so we can get to work. We leave Friday morning. We love you all and pray for you each day. Please know that we love you dearly.

Joe and Dee

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